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Highly Efficient Driver for 3-Phase Battery-Powered Motors
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Trinamic’s TMC6300 is a highly efficient low-voltage driver for BLDC and PMSM motors up to 2A peak. With zero standby current, it’s optimally suited for battery-operated devices.

Hamburg, 20 April 2020 – TRINAMIC Motion Control GmbH & Co. KG announces the latest motor driver IC for battery-powered solutions. The miniature 3-Phase motor driver IC with integrated power MOSFETs and charge-pump is ideal for both BLDC and PMSM motors up to 2A peak and 2V (1.8V) … 11V DC from just a single Li-Ion cell or dual AA batteries.

Scoring high with power density and efficiency, it has a standby current draw of <50nA (typ.) and low RDSon for longer battery life. Packed in a tiny QFN20 (3x3 mm), the driver chip covers a wide range of applications including IoT and handheld devices, battery-powered BLDC and 3-phase PMSM motors, wireless POS devices and printers, toys, and mobile medical devices. 

“The increasing quality of batteries and increasing miniaturization of technology is beautiful to see. However, it doesn’t help you if you’re still forced to use relatively big motors due to inefficient technology, or use outdated drivers for your next application,” according to Michael Randt, Founder and CEO of Trinamic. “With this new chip, the TMC6300, Engineers can quickly develop handheld devices using BLDC drives or 3-phase PMSM drives with the smallest form-factor and a state of the art feature set.”

Allowing for direct bridge control for sine-commutation of 3-phase motors, the TMC6300 drives BLDC motors with block or sine-commutation using 6-line control from the CPU. A single foot-point shunt allows for current feedback and full protection and diagnostics support robust and reliable operation. Combined with the best-in-class RDSon and ultra-low standby current, the TMC6300 ensures best efficiency – even at low supply voltage.

Available from end of April through Trinamic’s distribution channels, the TMC6300 is fully integrated into Trinamic’s extensive development system. Besides the chip, a breakout board and evaluation board will be offered for easy testing and evaluating the highly efficient 3-phase driver IC for battery-powered applications.

Features and Benefits:

3-phase BLDC and PMSM motors up to 2A (peak)

Voltage range 2 (1.8) … 11V DC

Battery operation with 1 or 2 Li-Ion cells, or at least 2 AA batteries

Direct bridge control for BLDC or PMSM sine-commutation

Standby current draw of <50nA (typ.)

Low RDSon with LS 170mΩ & HS 170mΩ (typ.) 

Tiny QFN20 package (3x3 mm)

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