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Trinamic new series of closed-loop intelligent BLDC motors can realize fast, accurate and efficient positioning ina short time

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TRINAMIC sport control announced the launch of their first generation of intelligent BLDC motors,Its rated speed is 4000rpm,Rated holding torque 6.25... 18.5 sliding.Pd42-x-1670 works with the most advanced feature set and CAN bus interface,Highly integrated to provide optimal processing power.


"Trinamic launched its first Pandrive 15 years ago,Has created the intelligent motor market pioneer.A stepping motor with an integrated driver and bus interface.The PD - 1670,We launched the first brushless dc servo, Pandrive, for field directional control,Michael Randt explains,Compact drives enable machine manufacturers to achieve fast, accurate, and efficient positioning in a short period of time.

BLDC PANdrive for laboratory automation,Factory automation, manufacturing, robotics and CNC applications,Has two firmware options - TMCL? And CANopen.Parameters can be stored permanently on the circuit board,PANdrive is responsible for all time-critical operations,For example, the slope calculation itself ensures low traffic.

Complete mechatronics solutions include state-of-the-art magnetic field control motor control and powerful and efficient drives.The rotary feedback system based on hall makes it reliable and durable.It comes with industry-standard protocols,Easily integrated into a PLC environment or standalone applications.The drive is designed for a 24V power supply.

Starting in March,Pd42-x-1670 can be provided through Trinamic's distribution channels,There are three different lengths,Each length has a 42mm flanged brushless motor.


Features and advantages:

 Pandrive? Intelligent brushless dc motor

Supply voltage +10 to +28V dc

5.2 A RMS

4000 RPM

CAN bus interface

TMCL or CANopen protocol

Integrated encoder (hall sensor)

FOC based +SVPWM

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