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TMC5160 control/drive IC Make the stepping motor performance more powerful

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Trinamic is a global leader in the field of embedded motor and motion control machines,With decades of industry experience in building highly reliable embedded architectures.Trinamic culture set of sophisticated German works,The pursuit of perfection,Practical technique and physical movement all in one.Its long history has taught Trinamic engineers how to optimize performance,Drive miniaturization,And turn the key motor characteristics into the competitive advantage of customer equipment.

With automation equipment robots and industrial drives,Factory and automation,High-speed 3D printer,Office automation,The wide application of security monitoring and other fields,The market also tends to be demanding on stepping motors,Not only low noise,Smooth operation,Energy efficient,High speed and high torque,Small size,Low cost and other features.

Trinamic high power stepping motor control drive chip TMC5160,A flexible ramp generator with automatic target positioning is combined with the industry's most advanced stepper motor driver.Through external MOSFET, achieve high dynamic, high torque motor drive.

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