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Product name
Product overview
TMC429-LI stepper motor control chip; number of axes: 3; motor type: Stepper; operating voltage: 3.3-5V; subdivision: 64 (SPI), S/D; control interface: SPI; drive interface: SPI, S/ D; trapezoidal ramp; reference sensor input: 3X2; TMC429 is a small size, cost-effective two-phase stepper motor control chip that can control up to 3-axis 2-phase stepper motor and can run independently between each axis
Detailed description

The main features of TMC429 are as Characteristics:

● Can control up to 3-axis 2-phase stepper motors and run independently between each axis

● Simple SPI communication with the micro-control chip and driver chip, easy to use, easy to form a virtual closed-loop network, the controller can always know the status of the drive; can also output step / dir control signal

● Wide range of clock frequency, CUP clock frequency can be up to 32MHz

● There is a 24-bit position counter inside

● According to the motor motion parameters (position, speed, acceleration) given by the microprocessor, the drive pulse waveform and sequence are generated by the line according to the speed of the trapezoid or triangle to control the position and speed of the motor.

Motor parameters such as speed, acceleration, target position, etc. can be changed while the motor is running.

● Microstep control. Up to 256 segments

● Programmable current proportional control allows the motor to use different operating currents in different operating conditions. The control motor can work in 8 grades, which are 12.5%, 25%, 37.5%, 50%, 62.5%, 75%, 87.5%, 100% of the maximum current.

● Available in SSOP16, SOP24, and DIL20 packages for different applications

Main performance

Controls 1-3 stepper motors, automatic ramp trajectory generation

Interface with the main controller SPI, simple wiring

Direct connection to standard SPI motor driver ICs, Can also be controlled by step/dir  traditional

IC status is readable, SPI transfer rate programmable up to 1Mbit/S

Wide CPU clock frequency range up to 32MHz

Built-in 24-bit length counter with pulse speeds up to 20kpps

Subdivided optional (1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64), output sinusoidal current waveform programmable

Parameters can be changed during operation such as: speed, acceleration, position value

"position reached" directly triggers the target position

Output current monitoring

Low power consumption, only 1.25mA at 4MHz CPU

CMOS/TTL level compatible, 3.3V/5V

Package form QFN32, SSOP16, SOP24 optional

Powerful development kit

Apply CCTV, security

Antenna positioning

Heliostat controller

Battery powered application

office automation

ATM, cash recycler, POS

Laboratory automation


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