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Single chip 2.4G transmission distance of 200 meters! It is an upgraded version of the previous LT8910! Built-in automatic answer auto_ack function! The peripheral RF circuit is simple and directly connected to the antenna! Support for frequency hopping!
Detailed description

The LT8920 is a low cost, highly integrated 2.4 GHz wireless transceiver chip with integrated on-chip transmitter, receiver, frequency synthesizer, and GFSK modem. The transmitter supports adjustable power, and the receiver adopts digital extended communication mechanism to achieve excellent transceiver performance under complex environments and strong interference conditions. The peripheral circuit is simple, just with the MCU and a few peripheral passive devices. The LT8920 transmits GFSK signals with a transmit power of up to 6dBm. The receiver uses a low IFstructure and the receiving sensitivity can reach -96dBm@62.5Kbps. Digital channel energy detection monitors channel quality at any time.

The on-chip transmit receive FIFO registers can communicate with the MCU, store the data, and transmit it over the air. It has built-in CRC, FEC auto-ack and retransmission mechanisms to greatly simplify system design and optimize performance.

The digital baseband supports 4-wire SPI and 2-wire I2C interfaces. There are also three digital interfaces, Reset, Pkt_flag, and Fifo_flag.

In order to improve battery life, the chip reduces power consumption at all stages. The minimum operating voltage of the chip can be 1.9V. Under the condition of maintaining the register value, the minimum current is 1uA.

The chip is available in TSSOP16 and SOP16 packages


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