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Product name
Product overview
Taiwan Tongtai TTP233D-PH6 TSOT23-6 dual-use RH6015C ear Bluetooth headset
Detailed description


TTP233D-PH6 TonTouchTM is a one-button touch detection chip. This touch detection chip has a built-in voltage regulator circuit to provide a stable voltage for the touch sensing circuit. The stable touch detection effect can meet the needs of different applications.

This touch detection chip is designed to replace traditional buttons. The size of the touch detection PAD can be set according to different sensitivity.

Within a reasonable range, low power consumption and wide operating voltage are characteristics of this touch chip in DC or AC applications.

Special feature

Working voltage 2.4V ~ 5.5V

Built-in voltage regulator circuit provides stable voltage for touch detection circuit

Built-in low voltage reset (LVR) function

Working current @VDD=3V, no load

Typical value in low power mode 2.5uA?1?0max 5uA

The longest response time is approximately 220ms @VDD=3V

Sensitivity can be adjusted by an external capacitor (1~50pF)

Stable human touch detection replaces traditional pushbutton switches

Provide low power mode

Provide output mode selection (TOG pin)

Choice of direct output or toggle output

Provides a maximum output time of approximately 16 seconds (±50%)

Q pin is a CMOS output, which can be selected by (AHLB pin) to select high level output or low level output.

There is a stable time of about 0.5 seconds after power-on. Do not touch the detection point during this period. All functions are prohibited at this time.

Automatic calibration function

The reference value is refreshed every 1 second within 8 seconds after power-on. If there is a touch button within 8 seconds after power-on or 8 seconds, it still does not touch.

Press the button to switch the recalibration cycle to 4 seconds

Application range

Various consumer products

Replace button button


Taiwan Tongtai TONTEK touch detection IC full range

Price advantage, stable supply, technical support, LED touch table lamp / small appliance touch solution development!

TTP223: One-touch IC, ultra-small package/SOT23-6, high sensitivity, can provide direct mode and trigger mode, generally used for consumer electronics such as desk lamp switch, mobile power supply, fingerprint lock, toys;

TTP224: 2~4 key touch IC, multiple packages, high sensitivity, built-in LDO, ultra-wide working voltage 2.4~5.5V, generally used for intelligent hardware, wearable devices, toys and other consumer electronics for lithium electronic power supply;

TTP224B: TTP224 upgrade version, better anti-interference and stability, 2~4 key touch IC, high sensitivity and low power consumption, built-in LDO, ultra-wide working voltage 2.4~5.5V;

TTP226: TTP222 upgrade version, providing 5~8-key touch IC, SSOP28 package, high sensitivity, built-in LDO, ultra-wide working voltage 2.0~5.5V.

TTP229: 8~16 key touch IC, SSOP28 package, providing IIC or two-wire serial output mode, ultra-wide working voltage 2.0~5.5V, mostly used for touch piano, learning machine, smart door lock and password cabinet, etc. 

TTP233: One-button low-power touch IC, SOT23-6 package, built-in LDO, ultra-wide voltage and high sensitivity, TTP223 upgrade version;

TTP234: 2~4 key touch IC, SOP16 package, more sensitive and stable;

TTP250: Provide 1~8 key input, built-in MCU, generally used for LED desk lamp touch dimming

TTP255: with MCU touch IC, used for touch remote control, can provide touch table lamp and small appliance touch solution development;

TTP258: 2~10-key touch chip, built-in MCU, programmable, multiple packages, providing desk lamp and small appliance touch solution development;

TTP259: 16-key touch chip, TTP229 upgrade version, built-in MCU can be programmed, generally used for multi-button industrial control and security touch solution;

TTP111: One-button LED desk lamp touch dimming, available in in-line and patch packages for metal touch;

TTP117: One-button LED desk lamp touch dimming, available in in-line and patch packages for metal touch;

TTP932F/TTP933: LED constant current driver IC, available in 1.0A and 1.5A specifications


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