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Product name
Product overview
TTY6953 This software provides customers with a simple set of slider button application solutions. Customers can set and read slider buttons and independent button touch data by using the IIC communication format.
Detailed description

This app uses 9 Touch Pads to allow customers to plan according to their design needs. 

The 9 Touch PADs can be programmed as slider buttons or independent buttons, and the slider can be programmed into up to 3 groups of sliders. When no slider button is set, 9 Key can be used as a separate button.

There are two ways to modify the setting parameters. Users can adjust the slider button touch sensitivity and other parameters with the USB PCLink Board, and then use the IIC write command to modify the setting parameters.

The program's independent button output mode has two types of Multiple and Single. When multiple is selected, all pressed buttons will be output. When Single is selected, only the first pressed button will be output. When the button is released, The next button will be output.

Designed with a power-saving mode, it is suitable for applications such as remote controls that require long standby.

Large and small appliances, access control equipment, consumer electronics

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