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NFC ferrite sheet

Product name
NFC ferrite sheet
NFC ferrite sheet
Ferrite film
Product overview
RFID antenna tag anti-metal ferrite sheet NFC ferrite sheet non-contact IC ferrite spacer
Detailed description

Mobile Payment (NFC) is implemented through the 13.56MHz RFID radio frequency identification system. The application's RFID smart tag is attached to the back cover of the phone to maximize space savings.

In a handheld electronic device such as a mobile phone, the electronic tag is integrated or attached to the electronic device, and functions as a component of the device. Often, due to limited space, it is inevitable to attach the RFID tag (usually passive) to the metal. 

The surface of the conductive object or the place where the metal device is placed in the adjacent position.

The alternating electromagnetic field induced by the tag under the action of the signal from the card reader is easily attenuated by the eddy current of the metal, which greatly weakens the signal strength and causes the reading process to fail. In order to better apply the card reading, the magnetic disk needs to be added to the product. The NFC ferrite disk produced by RAINSUN is designed for the interference encountered when paying for NFC.

NFC-enabled mobile phone

Contactless IC card

RFID reader/writer/RFID tag

For 13.56Mhz NFC mobile phone antennas and RFID devices/labels

Isolation of the magnetic field of the antenna by the isolated metal material (environment)

Increase the magnetic field strength of the antenna and effectively increase the communication sensing distance

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