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Nano coated antenna

Product name
Nano coated antenna
Nano coated antenna
Soft 3D stereo
Product overview
RAINSUN nano coated antenna Wearable Bluetooth communication antenna Soft three-dimensional Plating antenna
Detailed description

The nano coated antenna is a functional plastic piece that uses laser laser to integrate the antenna into the terminal.

Previously, many mobile phone manufacturers used coated antennas on their smartphones, including Apple, Nokia, Blackberry, HTC, LG, Samsung, ZTE, Huawei, and Xiaomi. For smart wearable devices with small internal structural space, nano coated antennas are the best choice.

In the future structural design of smart wearable devices, at least wifi and Bluetooth antennas should be loaded. In the case of multi-antenna integration and surface welding, how can the best internal space be saved and the main antenna performance is not affected? (RAINSUN ) Nano coated antenna is the best choice.

Nano-coated antennas can be connected to different surfaces by means of through-holes on the surface of the device, and the antenna can be laser-etched directly on the housing.

Shenzhen Zhuolian Micro Technology Co., Ltd. can provide the best 3D stereo circuit solution. For more product cooperation, please contact QQ or ITU 4008-515 398.

Product advantages 

1. It is not limited to plastic shell material, which saves shell material cost;

2, raw materials do not need to use palladium, the cost is also low;

3. It is not applicable to laser engraving machine, which saves cost and production time;

4, the product is not limited to 2D can be made into 3D antenna, saving area to make the product better.


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