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Product name
Product overview
NORDIC ble4.0 Bluetooth chip BGA package NRF51822-CEAA
Detailed description

The Nordic Semiconductor nRF51822 is a multi-protocol Bluetooth low energy / 2.4GHz dedicated RF single-chip solution for a wide range of applications including PC peripherals, Internet TV remotes, sports/fitness/health sensors, toys and automation.

IC features include:

256kB on-chip flash and 16kB RAM;

Digital and mixed signal surrounds, including SPI, 2-wire, ADC, and quadrature decoders;

16 PPI channel;

When the LDO is on-chip, the power supply range is 1.8-3.6V, and the LDO bypass mode is 1.75-1.95V.

On-chip pull-down DC/DC converter for 3V battery (eg button battery);

On-chip +/- 250ppm32kHZ RC oscillator for low-power Bluetooth applications without the need for an external 32kHz crystal for cost and board space savings;

Available in a 6x6mm 48-pin QFN package for up to 32 GPIOs;

Complete Bluetooth protocol stack (to the link layer of the configuration file).

Single-chip, highly flexible 2.4 GHz multi-protocol device

32-bit ARM Cortex M0 CPU Core

256 kb / 128 kb flash + 32 kb / 16 kb RAM

Support Bluetooth Smart Protocol Stack

Thread-safe and runtime protection

Event-driven API

Compatible with air in the nRF24L series

3 data rate (2 mbps / 1 mbps / 250 kbps)

+ 4 dbm output power

-93 years dbm sensitivity, Bluetooth Smart

PPI maximum power system simplifies applications and code

Flexible power management system, per perph automatic power management

Can be matched with ST original genuine filter BAL-NRF02D3

Mobile phone accessories

This set


Rezence wireless charging monitoring

Computer peripherals

Consumer Electronics (CE) Remote Control

Proximity/alarm sensor

Smart home

Sports, fitness and medical sensors

Smart RF tag

Toys and video games

Smart household appliances

Industrial and commercial sensors



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