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Product name
Product overview
Ultra-quiet, low-resonance stepper drive. Built-in MOS, 2A peak; P2P replaces DRV8825. The bulk price is very advantageous, the key recommendation
Detailed description

Chip highlights:


Ultra-quiet, low-resonance stepper motor driver chip (internal drive, power MOS); can directly replace DRV8825 with PTP

Profile description


The TMC2225 is a two-phase stepper motor that implements an ultra-quiet, low-resonance driver chip. This chip pin is compatible with the DRV8825 legacy driver chip. The featured StealthChop2 function ensures ultra-quiet operation of the motor at low speeds; the SpreadCycle function suppresses high-speed resonance, greatly reduces motor jitter, and achieves smooth, high-speed operation. The internally integrated power MOSFET handles motor currents up to 1.4A RMS (peak 2A). Protection and diagnostics support safe, reliable operation of the chip. Drives ultra-quiet or low-jitter operation with a single pulse directionThe UART can also be used to configure the internal registers of the TMC2225 for a comprehensive and flexible operation of the motor.

Features and benefits

Two-phase stepper motor: up to 2A coil current (peak), rms current 1.4A

Voltage range: 4.75--36V DC

STEP / DIR interface: with 4, 8, 16 or 32 microstepping pin settings

Smooth operation: 256 microsteps via MicroPlyerTM interpolation (requires UART configuration)

StealthChop2?: Ultra-quiet motor operation

SpreadCycle?: achieve high operation, low resonance

Auto Standby: Automatically reduces standby current (requires UART configuration)

Internal sense resistor: option (no external sense resistor required, UART configuration)

Comprehensive protection and diagnosis

HTSSOP28 package: heat resistant (no heat sink)

Application range

Compatible with DRV8825 design upgrade

Intelligent curtain motor drive

Smart TV lift camera driver

3D printer, engraving machine, cutting plotter

Printer, POS machine

Office and home automation

Textile, sewing machine

Monitoring pan/tilt, camera dome, security

ATM, cash recycling machine



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