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Product name
Product overview
The TMC5072 cDriverTM is an integrated motor drive and motion controller solution for CCTV cameras, pumps and other automation applications. The device features two integrated SixPointTM ramp controllers, a microstepping indexer. Sensorless stall detection technology, StallGuard2TM and completely noise-free current control mode StealthChopTM, designed to drive two bipolar stepper motors. The output driver module consists of a low RDSon N-channel power MOSFET configured as a full H-bridge for driving the motor windings. The TMC5072 is capable of driving up to 1.5A from each output (with proper heat dissipation). The TMC5072 has a supply voltage of 5-28V. For high reliability requirements, the encoder interface provides feedback on system status. The device provides an SPI interface for configuration and diagnostics as well as step and direction interfaces.
Detailed description

Two 2-phase stepper motors

Drive capability up to 2x 1.1A coil current (2x 1.5A peak)

Parallel option for one motor, 2.2A (3A peak)

Motion controller with sixPoint ramp

Voltage range 4.75-26V DC

SPI and single line UART

Dual axis encoder interface and 2x reference switch input per axis

Highest resolution, up to 256 microsteps per step

stealthChop for extremely quiet operation and smooth motion

spreadCycle high dynamic motor control chopper

dcStep load related speed control

stallGuard2 high precision sensorless motor load detection

coolStep current control, energy saving up to 75%

Passive breaking and freewheeling mode

Comprehensive protection and diagnosis

Compact size 7x7mm2 QFN48 package

Application range:

CCTV, monitoring

office automation

Antenna positioning

Heliostat controller

Battery powered application

ATM, cash recycling machine, POS

Laboratory automation

Liquid treatment

Printer and scanner

Pump and valve


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