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Product name
Product overview
The TMC389 is the first high-efficiency, high-current, high-precision 3-phase stepper motor microstepping driver chip on the market. Stepper motor high power pre-drive chip; number of axes: 1; motor type: 3-Phase; current: 40mA; working voltage: 9V~60V; highest subdivision: 171; control interface: SPI + S/D; ; Electricityflowdynamic adjustment; anti-jitter technology; micro-step interpolation; power tube type N + P;
Detailed description

*3-phase bipolar stepper motor drive

*Stallguard2 patented sensorless torque detection technology

*Coolstep current can automatically adjust patent technology according to load

* can achieve 80% energy savings

* Up to 171 microstep subdivision (256 sine wave) can be achieved by step/dir or 20Bit SPI control interface

* Internal microstep inference algorithm for 256 sine waves at very low pulse frequency input for smooth operation

* Drive current up to 8A through an external pair of N/P channel MOSFETs

*Synchronous current rectification function reduces the heat generation of the power tube

*9V to 60V drive voltage

*3.3V or 5V logic voltage

* Integrated overcurrent, ground short circuit protection and over temperature protection diagnostic function

The TMC389 is the first high-efficiency, high-current, high-precision 3-phase stepper motor microstepping driver chip on the market. Compared with 2-phase stepper motors, 3-phase stepper motors are superior in low-speed smoothness. Using StallGuard2 patented technology, this technology can realize the detection of motor torque without sensor. This is the world's first 3-phase driver chip with this patent, and is the only three-phase stepper drive with Coolstep patent technology. chip, Coolstep technology is mainly to achieve the drive current can be dynamically adjusted according to the motor load.

The TMC389's unique ability to detect motor loads and avoid overloading is ideal for low cost and high reliability applications; spreadCycle 3p PWM automatically configures hybrid attenuation for optimal smooth operation for optimum Zero exchange performance. The TMC389 can be controlled by step/dir or SPI signals. Using the microPlyer x16 reduces the frequency of the required input by a factor of 16 , ie the external main frequency can be amplified by a factor of 16 and such a high microstep can achieve very high smooth dynamic control.

The chip integrates perfect protection and diagnostics, and the TMC389 can directly drive up to 6A of drive current through external MOSFETs.

The TMC389 enables optimal energy control and achieves high drive currents even in high temperature environments without the need for cooling and heat dissipation.


Application range:


*Precision three-phase stepper motor drive

*Stage lighting

*Medical equipment

*Optical equipment



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