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TMC260A-PA is a dual full bridge driver chip, for bipolar stepper motor drive TRINAMIC brand new original stepper motor driver chip
Detailed description

TMC260A Double full bridge driver chip

TMC260A is One a Double full bridge driver chipSuitable for bipolar, stepper motor drives. Internally integrated patented technology Sensorless Stall detection FeaturesAvailable in

function for position control without external sensors; This function also predicts the overload of the motor and is suitable for applications requiring high reliability. Integrated MOSFETs inside the chip, using the unique Low-RDS-ON technology to achieve low power consumption, high efficiency performance, strengthen the motor and driver's own cooling without external cooling equipment, even in the case of high external temperature can be achieved 1.7 A drive current output. The TMC260A's low power consumption, high efficiency, and small size make it the perfect choice for embedded motion control and even battery-powered devices. The integrated DAC function enables microstep control of current. The TMC260A can be connected via SPI serial interface. And STEP / DIR signal input control, in addition, the chip also has short-circuit, over temperature, under voltage, overload and other protection functions.

Integrated sensorless Stall detection function (StallGuard) and load measurement function

stallGuard2 ? high precision sensor motor load detection

coolStep? Depends on load current control to save energy up to 75%

microPlyer ? Microsteps increase the smooth interpolation of coarse step inputs.

spreadCycle ? High precision chopping current best sine wave form and zero crossing

Controlled by simple and convenient SPI serial bus or STEP/DIR signal

Short circuit, over temperature, over voltage protection Features

Internally integrated 64bitDAC itself can achieve 256 times microstep subdivision Features

It can realize arbitrary subdivision control through external analog signals

With hybrid attenuation for smooth motor control

Programmable frequency control via a single capacitor or an external clock

7V-60V motor drive voltage

Up to 8A motor drive current,

Comes with 256 high subdivision

Support step/dir control signal input; also support 20BitSPI interface control

With the patented stallguard function, it is possible to accurately test the motor load without sensors.

With patented technology, coolstep can automatically adjust the output current of the driver chip according to the load of the motor, avoiding the loss of overload due to overload, and reducing the heat generated by the motor, saving 75% of energy compared with other

Internal 256 subdivision can achieve smooth control at low speed

Maximum drive current 6A, drive voltage 60V

High-speed drive capability, can drive ordinary 2-phase stepper motor up to 5000RPM

Integrated protection and diagnostic functions such as overcurrent, short circuit and over temperature

3.3 or 5V digital control voltage

Low power, high efficiency RDS-ON power supply design



Sewing machine

Factory automation

Laboratory automation

Liquid treatment


Office automation printers and scanners

CCTV, security ATM, cash recycler POS

Pump and valve heliostat controller


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