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Shenzhen jointwel Technology Co., Ltd.



Address:3B02/3B06, 5th and 4th floor, Area A, 1009 Baoyuan Road, Baoan District, Shenzhen

Company Vision 

■ Be the most respected company foy society, customers, shareholders and employees;

■ Have a sense of social responsibility, abide by the law, protect the environment, and pursue the harmony between corporate growth and social development;

■ Respect the needs and investments of customers, and create value for customers through innovation, process improvement, and employee development;

■ Constantly pursue the improvement of the company's operating results and bring long-term good returns to shareholders;

■ Respect the individuality of employees, invest in their ability to compete and work happily, and give reasonable rewards for their contributions;

Company mission

Continuous improvement and innovation of honest management and service

Leadership and the development of employee competitiveness

We have become a leading technology service solution provider and an excellent electronic component distributor.

core value 

■ Simple 

■ Accountability

■ Collaboration

■ Respect

■ Integrity

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