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No. Model Package Remarks


Highly Efficient Driver for 3-Phase Battery-Powered Motors




Ultra-quiet, low-resonance stepper drive. Built-in MOS, 2A peak; P2P replaces DRV8825. The bulk price is very advantageous, the key recommendation




The TMC5072 cDriverTM is an integrated motor drive and motion controller solution for CCTV cameras, pumps and other automation applications. The device features two integrated SixPointTM ramp controllers, a microstepping indexer. Sensorless stall detection technology, StallGuard2TM and completely noise-free current control mode StealthChopTM, designed to drive two bipolar stepper motors. The output driver module consists of a low RDSon N-channel power MOSFET configured as a full H-bridge for driving the motor windings. The TMC5072 is capable of driving up to 1.5A from each output (with proper heat dissipation). The TMC5072 has a supply voltage of 5-28V. For high reliability requirements, the encoder interface provides feedback on system status. The device provides an SPI interface for configuration and diagnostics as well as step and direction interfaces.




Low resonance stepper drive. External expansion MOS, 8A or less; low cost, replacing Sancha, Toshiba, Sanyo drives. Bulk price is very advantageous




Micro stepper motor driver. Ultra-quiet, anti-lost; built-in MOS, 2A peak, 2-11V battery power supply, current adaptive maximum energy saving 90%, standby power consumption




BLDC/PMSM high power gate drive. A TMC6200 drives three-phase three or six MOS tubes up to 100A; programmable current sensing, short circuit, over temperature through SPI diagnostics; with TMC4671 for optimal performance




The TMC2160 is a versatile high voltage gate driver with step/direction interface and SPI




The TMC389 is the first high-efficiency, high-current, high-precision 3-phase stepper motor microstepping driver chip on the market. Stepper motor high power pre-drive chip; number of axes: 1; motor type: 3-Phase; current: 40mA; working voltage: 9V~60V; highest subdivision: 171; control interface: SPI + S/D; ; Electricityflowdynamic adjustment; anti-jitter technology; micro-step interpolation; power tube type N + P;




TMC223 is an integrated stepper motor microstep control, Drive, RAM, OTP memory and the company's patented StallGuard features together with high-performance chips. RAM or OTP memory is used to store motor parameters and some configuration parameters.




TMC5062-LA two-axis drive integrated chip; number of axes: 2; motor type: 2,3-Phase; current: 2x 1.1A / 1x 2.2A; working voltage: 5V~20V; highest subdivision: 256;Control interface: SPI, UART; encoder interface; stall detection; Electricityflow dynamic control; anti-shake function; ramp generator SixPointTM, trapezoidal; torque dynamic adjustment; package: QFN48 (7x7)




TMC428-I package SSOP16 TMC428 is a small, low-power, high-performance three-axis step control chip with integrated pulse generator and waveform generator. Efficient current regulation features.




TMC5031-LA dual-axis drive control integrated chip; number of axes: 2; motor type: 2-Phase; current: 1.1A; working voltage: 5V~16V; highest subdivision: 256; control interface: SPI; stall detection; Current dynamic control; anti-shake function; silent drive technology; ramp generator SixPointTM, trapezoidal; package: QFN48 (7x7)




TMC4331A-LA single-axis stepper motor driver chip, closed-loop control motor chip




TMC4330A-LA Advanced Ramp and Closed Loop Control Step Drive Chip Pulse/Direction Chip




The TMC246 is a bipolar intelligent power microstepping drive stepper motor with integrated low RDS-ON TrenchFET® power MOSFETs that delivers extremely high efficiency and allows driving up to 1.5A per high motor current without phase, even in high environments Cooling measures temperature.




TMC239 is a low-power two-phase stepper motor driver chip that supports SPI communication and complete protection and diagnostic functions. The external MOSFET can be directly driven to achieve a drive current of 4A. The TMC239 can be used in the control of high motion, high torque motion systems.




TMC4361A-LA stepping motor closed-loop control chip; number of axes: 1; motor type: Stepper; working voltage: 3.3V; subdivision: 256, S/D; control interface: SPI; drive interface: SPI, S/D; Interface: ABN, SPI, SSI; closed loop control; ChopSyncTM; DcStepTM; trapezoidal ramp; advanced ramp: SixPointTM, S-Shaped; sensor input: 3; package: QFN40 (6x6)




TMC457 is a high-end single-axis micro-step motion two-phase bipolar stepper motor controller




TMC4670-BI motor control driver TMC4670, SPI communication supports dual encoder input, package BGA256




TMC429-PI24 stepper motor control chip; number of axes: 3; motor type: Stepper; working voltage: 3.3-5V; subdivision: 64 (SPI), S/D; control interface: SPI;Trapezoidal oblique slope, drive interface: SPI; Reference sensor input: 3X2; Package: SOP24


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